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Cambium Networks cnMatrix EX2052
Improve network performance while reducing the time and cost of provisioning and management

Cambium Networks cnMatrix EX2052

Cambium Networks Products
cnMatrix EX2052
cnMatrix EX2052 48 1G and 4 SFP+
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IT teams, MSPs and ISPs need to rapidly provide an optimal network experience for users and devices. Network operators are seeking simplicity, flexibility and automation to improve performance. Cloud Networking solutions with cnPilot™ Wi-Fi, cnMatrix™ switching, and cnMaestro™ cloud management from Cambium Networks deliver an optimal client experience while maintaining robust security and reducing cost.

A proven leader in providing global communications solutions, Cambium Networks simplifies network operations. Our Cloud Managed Intelligent Edge Enterprise Access Solution makes the network resilient, easy to operate, high performance, and agile; providing cost effective wired/wireless connectivity for network operators. The entire purpose-built end-to-end network is managed from a "bird's eye view" by the free cnMaestro management system.

Cambium Networks' next generation switching platform offers a cloud managed, high performance, feature rich enterprise grade ethernet switching solution. The cnMatrix™ platform of switches provides:

  • Easy and simple free cloud management with cnMaestro
  • Zero touch deployment of switches makes deployment easy
  • Zero touch policy based configuration enables automation, reduces errors and network downtime
  • Device profiling, automatic port configuration and network segmentation improves security posture of the network
  • Wireless Aware: Together with Cambium Networks cnPilot Wi-Fi solution, enables a simple, easy-to-use cloud managed Unified Wired-Wireless access solution
  • Affordable, high quality and enterprise grade Layer 2, Layer 3 feature set

The cnMatrix series of fully managed switches delivers full Layer2 and Layer 3 capabilities with enhanced access security. cnMatrix switches deliver power savings with several models offering fanless operation. The cnMatrix switch series offers flexibility with 4 - 10 Gbps (SFP+) uplinks on the 28 port models while offering 2 - 1Gbps (SFP) uplink ports on the 10 port models.


  • Save time, and reduce costs with a true Zero Touch initial deployment
  • Reduce network misconfiguration mistakes by eliminating error prone manual configuration
  • Dramatically enhance security with automatic segmentation of devices
  • Reduce troubleshooting time with central management and common policies across the network
  • Site survivable operation during cloud failures when connectivity is lost
  • Reduce total cost with affordable cnMatrix switches managed by the cnMaestro FREE controller
cnMatrix EX2052 Specifications
Throughput 176 Gbps
Non-Blocking Throughput
Forwarding Rate in Mpps (64 Byte Packets) 120
10/100/1000 ports 48
Uplink ports 4 SFP+
PoE+ Enabled Ports (802.3af/at) N/A
Serial console
Out-of-Band Management Port
Rack mount kit
Internal fans 2
Reset Button Yes
MAC Address Table Size 16K
Flash Storage 128MB
Port Based VLANs 4K
LACP/Trunking 8 LAGs / 8 links per LAG
QoS Priority Queues 8
Ingress/Egress ACL 128
Static Arp Entries 512
ARP Entries 512
Static Routes 64
Dynamic Routing 512
IGMP Multicast Groups 256
Policy Based Automation Yes
Power Supply 100-240VAC
Max Switch Power (with Traffic) 38.88W
MTBF (Hours) 393,648
Weight 3.6kg (7.93lb)
Dimensions 44 x 4.4 x 25 cm (17.3 x 1.75 x 9.85 in)
CPU Speed 800Mhz
LEDs Per Port Link/Activity
PoE+ Power Budget N/A
PoE+ Voltage N/A
Max PoE+ Power Per Port N/A
Rack Mountable Yes 1U
Acoustic Noise dBA Per Switch (Ambient Temperature) 40.9dB - < 33°C
44.2dB - 30°C-40°C
47.3dB - >43°C
Temperature ranges -0°C to +50°C (+32°F to +122°F)
Operating humidity +55° at 95% RH
Storage temperature -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F)
cnMatrix All Models
Quality of Service ACL mapping and marking of ToS/DSCP (COS)
ACL mapping to priority queue
Honoring DSCP and 802.1p(CoS)
Priority queue management using Weighted Round Robin (WRR), Strict Priority (SP) and a combination of WRR and SP
ACL mapping marking of 802.1p
DiffServ support
Traffic shaping/metering
Traffic Management ACL-based inbound rate limiting policies
Inbound rate limiting per port
Broadcast, multicast and unknown unicast rate limiting
Outbound rate limiting per port/queue
Security 802.1x authentication
DHCP snooping
Secure shell
Local username/password
MAC authentication
RADIUS authentication/authorization
Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA)
Secure copy (SCP)
Management cnMaestro (cloud management)
DHCP autoconfiguration
Embedded DHCP server
Industry standard Command Line Interface (CLI)
Embedded web management (HTTP/HTTPS)
Out of band Ethernet management client/server
SNMP v1v2
System Network Time Protocol (SNTP)
Auto Edge / Auto Attach
Display log messages multiple terminals
Telnet client/server
Layer 2 Feature Set 802.1s multiple spanning tree
VLAN, Port, Protocol, 802.1q
802.1x authentication
Bpdu Guard, Root Guard
IGMP Snooping v1/v2/v3, Fast Leave
IGMP Proxy
Static MAC
Flow Control per port
Port Mirroring: port based, ACL based, VLAN based
Port Isolation/Private VLAN Edge
Link Aggregation Groups (Static/LACP)
Rate Limiting/Storm Control
Jumbo frame (9k)
DHCP Snooping
BPDU filtering
Broadcast/Multicast/Unlearned Unicast (Storm Control)
DoS Protection
Layer 3 Feature Set Inter Vlan Routing
Static ARPs
Static Routes
DHCP Relay
Route Redistribution
Management cnMaestro (cloud management)
Industry standard Command Line Interface (CLI)
DHCP Client
Embedded web management (HTTP/HTTPS)
Embedded DHCP server
USB file management and storage
Out of Band Ethernet Management
SNMP v1/v2/v3
DHCP relay
Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP)
Local/remote system logging
Policy Based Automation
Display log messages multiple terminals
Telnet client/server
IPv6 management
Password management
Autoinstall support for firmware images and config files
Core Switching Features IEEE 802.1AB-Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)
IEEE 802.1D-Spanning tree compatibility
IEEE 802.1p-Ethernet priority with user provisioning and mapping
IEEE 802.1s-Multiple spanning tree compatibility
IEEE 802.1Q-Virtual LANs with port-based VLANs
IEEE 802.1X-Port-based authentication
VLAN Support IEEE 802.1W-Rapid spanning tree compatibility
IEEE 802.3-10BASE-T
IEEE 802.3u-100BASE-T
IEEE 802.3ab-1000BASE-T
Bridged Local Area Networks - Amendment 07: Multiple Registration Protocol
IEEE 802.3ac-VLAN tagging
IEEE 802.3ad-Link aggregation
IEEE 802.3x -Flow control
Static Routing
IEEE 802.1Q-2003 RFC 4541-Considerations for Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) Snooping Switches
ANSI/TIA-1057-LLDP-Media Endpoint Discovery (MED)
Advanced Layer-2 Features Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA)
Broadcast/Multicast/Unknown unicast storm recovery
DHCP Snooping
IGMP Snooping Querier
Independent VLAN Learning (IVL) support
Jumbo Ethernet frame support
Port MAC locking
Port mirroring
Protected ports
Static MAC filtering
Layer-3 Features RFC 2131 - DHCP Relay
RFC 2328 - OSPF Version 2
RFC 2453 - RIP Version 2


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Cambium Networks Products
cnMatrix EX2052
cnMatrix EX2052 48 1G and 4 SFP+
Our Price: Request a Quote